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Have a Doggone Good Time this February

When it comes to celebrations, February has a lot to offer.  Not only will we have the excitement of the Super Bowl and the romance of Valentine’s Day, there’s a day off for Presidents Day, and for kids in areas where there’s snow and ice, probably a few weather-related days off from school as well.  As a matter of fact, National Weathermen’s Day is February 5.  It honors one John Jeffries, one of the first men in America to keep weather records.  Born on February 5, 1744, Jeffries kept meticulous records of the weather and related events from 1774 until 1816.  Other notable days include Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras (Feb 13), Chinese New Year’s Day (Feb 16) and the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln (Feb 12) and George Washington (Feb 22).

With so much going on in February, you’ll want to be stocked up with plenty of food and drink for all the fun the month brings.  After all with days like National Pistachio Day (Feb 26) , Cherry Pie Day (Feb 20) and Love Your Pet Day (Feb 20), you’ll need plenty of nibbles and bits to keep the parties going.

Fortunately, there’s a place where you can obtain all the supplies you need to stock your shelves for the month of February and beyond – and that’s Costco.  And when you do so with a money saving costco coupon book from Groupon Coupons, you can do so for less.  Yes, we know all the big box jokes told at the expense of the super warehouse store, but there’s nothing funny about the real savings you earn when you shop there.  In fact, you can shop once and party twice – or even three times or more with all the bulk packages they sell.  So not only do you save time and money, you can serve a variety of goodies at all the holiday celebrations you invite your friends to.  Costco offers promo codes and coupons you can apply to their extensive list of goods and services, and there’s a benefit when you sign up for email alerts.  With so many ways to save, entertaining in February or any month for that matter is easy.

By the way, Chinese New Year ushers in the Year of the Dog.  People born in this year are said to be loyal and true.  Just the type of friend you’d want at a party.… Read More

6 Tricks Before You Play The Escape Room

Escape room is a game that players are made up of a few people who aim to solve a series of puzzles and given only a few instructions to complete the game. The player is given a time limit to complete the puzzles hidden in the room. Players must cooperate in completing the puzzle to complete each challenge.

Escape room game can be found in some of the entertainment places. One of the place that should be visited to play the game is escape room atlanta. Before you play escape room, there are 6 tips to complete the game quickly :

  1. Select the game with easy level, if this is your first time to playing this game.
  2. If your goal looking for experience in the play, you can select the level of more difficult and will not easy to get out from the room.
  3. See any hint in the room and listen a host of the game to understand how to get out of the room.
  4. Complete every puzzle by divide duty to each member, this way can be more quickly resolve these challenges.
  5. When any member find the code, keyword, or pattern that appears, immediately give to other members, it can be out of the room more quickly.
  6. Give a mark on objects that are already checked, it is to avoid repeated checking that can be spend the time.

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Making the Most Out of Your Time with a Vocal Coach

Not all of us are natural singers. Not even today’s highly-praised singers were born with the talent. However, they were able to hit the notes right and get praised for their singing because they underwent singing classes, and sought help from a vocal coach.

Working with a vocal coach helps a lot in boosting your singing abilities. This is because unlike simply following a song on your own, a coach serves to monitor your actions and correct your mistakes. Through a coach you also learn the various aspects in making you a good singer. Thus, you should know how to make the most out of your time with this person who acts as your singing mentor.

If you happen to be undergoing individualized singing classes, then for sure you get to spend a good amount of time with your singing teacher. However, if you are learning to sing with a group, the attention given to you by the coach can be somewhat limited. Hence, for you to make the most out of your time with a vocal coach, then here are some ways to do so:

  1. Learn your lessons ahead.

Learning your lessons ahead is very helpful if you want to utilize your time spent with a singing coach. This is because the coach would easily see your improvement and you two can focus more on improving your current singing abilities. Rather than simply following the demonstrations, you can now ask your coach on whether you are following the lessons correctly as you have already practiced them beforehand.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Simply following your mentor’s instructions doesn’t make the most out of your time in class, as you don’t know whether you are doing the directions properly. You may counter this by asking questions while in class, especially when there are parts of the lesson that you do not understand.

A good mentor would be appreciative of your questions, and this will prompt him or her to provide better examples or demonstrations for you to get a full grasp of what they are teaching.

  1. Get to know your mentor.

It is also good that you take the effort to know your coach, so that you are able to properly adjust to his or her teaching style. While they may have studied in the same music institutions together, vocal coaches differ from each other in terms of approach and attitude. Being knowing these factors, it would be easier for you to adjust with the way your coach carries out the lessons, and as well find common ground for the both of you to work on.

  1. Ask about how to apply the lessons on other songs that are not in your repertoire.

There are instances when the lessons taught in class seem to be easily applied on the song list given by your vocal coach, but tend to be difficult on other song pieces. You may want to ask about how these can be used on other musical … Read More

The Movie As a Lifestyle

The development of the movie begins with the existence of The Magic Lantern in 1761 that was used to visualize some of the still images that are made into such a story drama. In the year 1897 in France, forming the first theater in the world by the Lumières, followed by the United Kingdom in 1904 in Bishopsgate, London. In 1908 the first theater in special performances for movie Britanian The Tiny Central Hall, Colne, Lancashire has been built which is then finally followed by other countries.



The movie achieved a time of progress in early 1910 marked by the birth of a black and white silent movie. During the heyday of Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) which is known to the movie City Lights (1931) and Modern Times (1936) but when it finally recording a sound tool for synchronizing audio with movie discovered, namely the phonograph in 1920. Developing movie at first only accompaniment music can finally have a dialogue on each player.

The movie not only as an art but have been a medium of communication.In addition, actor cast of the current movie is also very good compared to movie actor cast of former times.The development of a movie was also influenced by technological progress, characterized by the presence of the convergence of the media and media digitalis as.In the 21st century, this movie not only in view of the art but rather as a means of communication for the general public as of humanism, democracy, and human rights.First when we want to see the movie we have to go to the movies but now to watch a movie we do not need to go to the movies because we can enjoy a movie everywhere, all the time by visiting a site on the internet that you can watch series online for free which can be enjoyed with family or friends. This site is enjoyed by way of streaming and able to produce HD quality.

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Modern Smart TV and their Advanced Features

Now-a-days everyone is having a TV for watching shows, news, movies, etc. But for watching in online smart TVs plays a major role which allows everyone to browse from Internet, they can access and stream the video services & also they can play games.

Uses and Features of Smart TV

  • In market recently there are huge variety of TV sets are trending, but Modern Smart TVs are on top of all others TV sets, because they have incredible image quality & stunning entertainment capabilities.
  • Any smart TV will allow connecting to the Internet & stream their favorite online videos.
  • Another feature in the smart TV is for some TVs there is not only boast impressive connectivity, but it will also allow you to feel involved in what was happening on the screen that is called 3D support this feature is present in this smart TV.
  • A Smart TV makes it easy to access video streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus or HBO etc.
  • Smart TV allows you to watch movies online too.
  • A Smart TV not only allows you to watch cable or satellite television but makes it will make possible for you to watch all channels in a Full HD or 4K movie online or even you can also log on to your own accounts on the social networks.
  • Some Smart TVs will have a voice control support, so in that you can just pronounce the names of the movies, & the device will able to find them automatically.

Choosing of a Smart TV

  • When you are going to choose a modern 3D & Modern Smart TV initially you need to check the Image Qualitywhich each model was able to provide.
  • You need to be sure for which screen size you want select. The screen size should be picked very carefully, and make sure to check if fits into your room.
  • Then next step is to pay close attention to the screen resolution, because the higher screen resolution and more detailed the picture will be.
  • Another major issue is the kind of panel which was used in every Smart TV because different manufacturers will use different panels. A panel will be responsible for the color reproduction, brightness, color depth etc.
  • Recently most of the companies are producing 3D Smart TVs which uses cutting-edge IPS panels (which will provides a wide viewing angles), S-PVA panels (this will produce a high-quality, deep black color).
  • The next heading step is to make sure the Smart Capabilities. You need to fully realize what a Smart TV was up to and which kind of software it will uses and how easy the controls will be used, etc.
  • Last but not the least there is another major issue you need to pay attention to it called as Interfaces and Sound. Modern Smart TVs will have a variety of ports for the incoming & outbound signals both audio as well as video.

Any good Smart TV should ensure a good range of sound quality. … Read More