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Issues to Consider When Renting An LED Screen For Events

The use of LED screens in indoor and outdoor events has become popular. Unfortunately, you may find that LED screens are an expensive piece of electronic. Therefore, the option to rent LED screens is essential if you are unable to purchase and LED screen for your event. LED screens are a somehow new introduction into the event equipment industry. As such, only a few event companies have full understanding of the factors to consider when hiring LED screens. If you ever find yourself in a similar dilemma, here are a few tips, which can assist you in making a choice.

Outdoor or Indoor Event

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing an electronic screen for hire should be whether your event will be conducted in an open or closed space. If your activities will be carried out in an open space, then you should choose LED screens that are waterproof. Indoor LED screens should not be hired for outdoor events because they may not be bright enough, and they could be damaged if exposed to water. As such, if you are doing an outdoor screen hire you should find an LED screen, which cannot be damaged by harsh weather elements.

Closeness to the Viewers

LED screens have varying resolutions. The higher the resolution the closer the viewers can be to the screen during the event. Unfortunately, LED screens with high resolution are more expensive. However, you do not need high-resolution screens for outdoor events because the audience often stands far from the screen.

Stages and Structures Needed.

There are different LED makes and models, and the weight of the each LED screen varies according to its make. Therefore, you should factor in the fixtures, stage, and structures that you will use when designing the event before renting an LED screen.
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Power Usage

Recent models of LED screens in the market have lower power consumption than older models. However, the old types of LED screens consume more power, and they may not be power-efficient like the new models of LED screens. Thus it is prudent to rent newer makes of LED screens if they are available at your equipment rental shop.
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Technical Crews

Virtually all equipment is as good as the user who puts it to use when giving service. Many LED screens have the capacity to make impressive visual and graphic effects. If you get a proficient visual technician, the LED screens that you hire can be turned into impressive visual tools instead of being normal television skills. Therefore, when going for a big screen hire, also make sure that you get a good visual engineer or technician. With these considerations you are ready for your LED screen hiring.