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3 Popular Options For Game Truck Party Rentals Game truck party rentals are delivering excitement right at your doorsteps. Each and every game truck location works to ensure that all guests will have smile on their faces and help the guest of honor to have wonderful memories along with closest friends. Whether you believe it or not, there are many different kinds of game truck party rentals that can be chosen and this include but is not limited to video game party, mobile laser tag parties, bubble soccer and a lot more. Video game party – this is a party inside a box but is loaded with different game consoles as well as countless of video games, climate controlled game theatre that pulls up to your school or home. You and all guests just have to step in and begin to experience the best video game party ever. The game coach is going to supervise the part so all of you can focus on the entertainment and fun that the video game offers.
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The video game party will also take place in state-of-the-art mobile video game theatre. The mobile video game theatre is optimized as well for couch gaming so the games can be played either with family or closest friends.
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Mobile laser tag parties – the game truck transforms your yard, backyard or any other space into a modern laser tag arena. Next gen laser tag equipment allows your guests to live the video game. With great varieties of games to be chosen, tactical laser tag game is without a doubt an adventure waiting to be played by everyone. Your game coach will act as the referee for the event, which maximizes the fun in the birthday party. Taggers are pretty accurate as well that even for a 300 feet away, you can tag your opponent. Whether guests play free for all games or divided to squads, the game truck party rental can create memorable laser tag birthday party that’ll be the topic for weeks. Bubble soccer – this is an active and somewhat thrilling game that anyone can take part in. High quality inflatable balls bring a new dynamic to the typical game of soccer and let your guests to fall and bounce without thinking of any risks. Trained game coaches are also part of the game in order to ensure that everyone is playing the game safely and is having a fun time as well. They are the ones who keep the game rolling and assisting players to get up when bouncing around. All your guests will surely have different experience of soccer game while keeping them entertained and engaged due to its high energy play.