Making the Most Out of Your Time with a Vocal Coach

Not all of us are natural singers. Not even today’s highly-praised singers were born with the talent. However, they were able to hit the notes right and get praised for their singing because they underwent singing classes, and sought help from a vocal coach.

Working with a vocal coach helps a lot in boosting your singing abilities. This is because unlike simply following a song on your own, a coach serves to monitor your actions and correct your mistakes. Through a coach you also learn the various aspects in making you a good singer. Thus, you should know how to make the most out of your time with this person who acts as your singing mentor.

If you happen to be undergoing individualized singing classes, then for sure you get to spend a good amount of time with your singing teacher. However, if you are learning to sing with a group, the attention given to you by the coach can be somewhat limited. Hence, for you to make the most out of your time with a vocal coach, then here are some ways to do so:

  1. Learn your lessons ahead.

Learning your lessons ahead is very helpful if you want to utilize your time spent with a singing coach. This is because the coach would easily see your improvement and you two can focus more on improving your current singing abilities. Rather than simply following the demonstrations, you can now ask your coach on whether you are following the lessons correctly as you have already practiced them beforehand.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Simply following your mentor’s instructions doesn’t make the most out of your time in class, as you don’t know whether you are doing the directions properly. You may counter this by asking questions while in class, especially when there are parts of the lesson that you do not understand.

A good mentor would be appreciative of your questions, and this will prompt him or her to provide better examples or demonstrations for you to get a full grasp of what they are teaching.

  1. Get to know your mentor.

It is also good that you take the effort to know your coach, so that you are able to properly adjust to his or her teaching style. While they may have studied in the same music institutions together, vocal coaches differ from each other in terms of approach and attitude. Being knowing these factors, it would be easier for you to adjust with the way your coach carries out the lessons, and as well find common ground for the both of you to work on.

  1. Ask about how to apply the lessons on other songs that are not in your repertoire.

There are instances when the lessons taught in class seem to be easily applied on the song list given by your vocal coach, but tend to be difficult on other song pieces. You may want to ask about how these can be used on other musical genres, and tips on doing so properly. The coach will then see your deeper interest in singing, and would be more than happy to give guidelines that are easier for you to understand.