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Pet Care: Best Tips to Take Care of Your Cats and Kittens

Cats are really sweet and cute, making great companions, so no wonder we love them, and they also help keep destructive mice away! But owning a soft and heartwarming cat extends beyond basic knowledge, you have to equip yourself with the right information and possess the right skills to take good care of your cats and kittens. Although cats are naturally independent, taking care of them needs you to a lot some of your time to provide your cat the attention and grooming she needs, to ensure that your lifestyle makes a room for a feline. It is still possible to adopt a feline if you are too busy at work but still wanting a friendly face to meet you every time you come home, just ensure that you also adopt a buddy for your cat to prevent boredom and have a fellow cat to play with.

Before bringing your cat at home, it is important to take her for a complete checkup and preventive immunization. Get a good quality litter box to keep your cat warm, allowing him to enjoy privacy, and by one that is easy to maintain like clumping litter. Also ensure that you provide an age-appropriate food and balanced diet for your cat. Another fact about cats is that they really like to play a lot, and you can feed their amusement and entertainment needs by providing playthings such as toy mice, strings, empty boxes, and feathers. It is a good idea investing in a scratching post so that your lovely feline won’t destroy your sofa or your bags. When it comes to cat training and bribery, your excellent tools are catnip and little freeze-dried chicken nuggets. Once you bring your new cat at home, it is a good idea starting grooming routine early so your lovely cat will get used to it rather than dealing with it later, making bathing, brushing, and trimming her claws more difficult.

Fleas are really a common problem for our pets, and so as our lovely feline friends, that is why we need to be knowledgeable on how to best eradicate these pests. Fleas love warm humid areas and it is really frustrating using flea products but your feline still gets fleas. The growth of population of fleas is so fast because as soon as a flea jumps onto your cat, it feeds on your feline’s blood and lays eggs up to fifty eggs daily. There are many flea treatment products sold in the market today such as Frontline Plus and PetAction Plus, that can help control fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae, as well as ticks and chewing lice.

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