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Arlington Lawn Care: How to Best Care and Maintain Your Lawn Garden

A beautiful lawn garden can be a source of simple pleasures, a place you can call your own, spend time with your family, enjoy the early morning sunshine, play with your kids and pets, and simply relax from work and school. One of the most important things we do to keep our lawn beautiful is mowing, so allow us to share with you some gardening tips too for a more fresh look of your garden. Fertilizer is considered a food for your lawn and the more you feed, the more it grows. If you live in the North, the best time is during fall and spring, whereas if you live in the south, feed in spring and summer. The examples of cool-season grasses are bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescues, and warm grasses include Bermuda, zoysia, and St. Augustine, and proper timing is important to feed your grasses when they are actively growing for a more beautiful growth.

Aeration is essential to reduce thatch buildup and to loosen the soil. The right time to aerate your lawn is when the soil is moist and the grasses are actively growing. When the soil is dry and hard, the aerators are unable to deeply penetrate the soil, so it is important to water your lawn before aerating. Grubs cause obvious damage and are difficult to control, and they often go unnoticed until fall, so you need to wait until early summer for the application of new-generation grub killers to provide a season-long grub control. It is important for your lawn garden to have occasional irrigation regardless of the place you live or the type of grass you have, to keep it healthy and green most especially in summer. Early morning watering can lessen the chance of watering unlike nighttime which can cause prolonged moisture leading to disease, and avoid afternoon watering as evaporation causes significant water loss in your lawn garden. Water your lawn once or twice a week until the soil is wet several inches down to encourage deep roots from developing.

Using the one-third rule, it is important to mow your lawn garden as needed to keep its beautiful look and healthy appearance. The usual ritual among homeowners is mowing at least once a week, but you may need to mow your lawn every four to five days in spring when the growth of grass is vigorous. Don’t cut the grass more than one-third of its height. If you are busy with your schedule at work or your kids, you can always rely on a professional lawn specialist such as Arlington Lawn Care. You can visit our website or homepage for more info about Arlington Lawn Care.

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