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Here Are A Few Tips On How To Apply Make Up Like A Pro

Makeup, especially for the eyes, is used by so many women today because its a work of art to make the eyes really come to life, but everyone has to go through the basic techniques on how to do just that. The most ideal shape for the eyes are those that take up the shape of an almond. Eye makeup will not just make the eyes look more beautiful in color but you can also use certain techniques and shades to change the shape of your eyes to any way you want.

A beautiful face is composed of so many aspects, but the eyes might be the most important of them all. When applied properly, makeup can enhance the features on your face that make you beautiful. There is truly so much to see when you look into someone’s eye because they say that these are the windows to the soul of a person. Makeup for the eyes is far more complex than what most people think. The first step in putting on make up is always the application of a good foundation that compliments your skin tone.

How To Use Eyebrow Pencils
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This is the type of make up that is specifically used for the eyebrows to get more shape in them. First thing you must decide on is which pencil best compliments your natural eyebrow color and when you have it, you can start filling in the spaces with light short stroke that would resemble hair. Do not draw using one strong line because this will make it look fake. Always do your eyebrows using only small, feathered strokes. There will be times when you commit a mistake by going to strong with he lines you make and to fix this, you can dust it off with translucent powder or just dab a cotton bud over the lines to eliminate the excess color.
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Tips On How To Perfectly Apply Eye Shadow Makeup

To give your face an air of luminosity, you can go with applying eye shadow using striking, slightly shimmering tones, making sure you are light-handed at all times. Eye shadow makeup can make a very powerful impact on the face because it is capable of altering the look on how your eyes are shaped and can beautify it with whatever color you put on, but you must always keep in mind to just use smooth gliding stroke so as not to create wrinkles in the long run. Our eyelids have a bluish color in them that most people do not notice but it is always good to cover that up before applying in eye shadow makeup.