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Old Turntables Against the New A lot of debates are going around the turntable communities on which turntable is better, the new ones or the old? A few things were said by both parties that can help a consumer decide on which to buy. First: Latest turntables are more expensive than the old ones. If given from a friend or a family member, old turntables can go down to the extent of free in value. Upscale old turntables are often happily sold by old people for as low as 20 dollars without the knowledge of what its true value is. The winner when it comes in the boundaries of 500 dollars, the old turntables stand out, because in order to beat the quality of one, you’ll need to spend about 500 dollars on a new version one. Some turntables are unable to perform up to the standard that they are supposed to; something to keep in mind when spending your resources. It is very difficult to find an old turntable to listen to, in today’s time, but also be very cautious before proceeding into a 5000 dollar purchase without testing it first. Second: Sound quality is a personal preference. An old turntable that is a little expensive will most likely have a better quality than the cheap models of today. During the peak of Vinyl records, companies made high quality turn tables in order to compete with everyone and in order to have high incentives among other companies. Now, the competition has calmed down and only a few companies are battling it out, but nevertheless, they still ensure the quality of their products. Older versions of the turntables have a “warm” sound while the younger versions have a “clearer” sound. Every turntable varies from one another that is why you should keep in mind to first experience the table before buying it.
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Third: New turntables are more timely than older ones. This is mostly ignored by turntable neophytes. Expert repairmen of old turntables do not deal with a broad selection of brands rather they limit their circle to a handful, and sometimes only specialize on only one. Turntables are very complex items that require time and a great deal amount of experience to be able to do well at repairing one. Old turn tables that are still in good condition can still be considered a great find – just a minor tuning needed to get it to sound like new again. Old turntables are not getting any younger though. Accordingly, old turntables that are usually available in the market can be 50 to 60 years old. Many of these old turntables, including the top of the line old turntable has a defect in them that will require some fixing.3 Sales Tips from Someone With Experience