The Movie As a Lifestyle

The development of the movie begins with the existence of The Magic Lantern in 1761 that was used to visualize some of the still images that are made into such a story drama. In the year 1897 in France, forming the first theater in the world by the Lumières, followed by the United Kingdom in 1904 in Bishopsgate, London. In 1908 the first theater in special performances for movie Britanian The Tiny Central Hall, Colne, Lancashire has been built which is then finally followed by other countries.



The movie achieved a time of progress in early 1910 marked by the birth of a black and white silent movie. During the heyday of Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) which is known to the movie City Lights (1931) and Modern Times (1936) but when it finally recording a sound tool for synchronizing audio with movie discovered, namely the phonograph in 1920. Developing movie at first only accompaniment music can finally have a dialogue on each player.

The movie not only as an art but have been a medium of communication.In addition, actor cast of the current movie is also very good compared to movie actor cast of former times.The development of a movie was also influenced by technological progress, characterized by the presence of the convergence of the media and media digitalis as.In the 21st century, this movie not only in view of the art but rather as a means of communication for the general public as of humanism, democracy, and human rights.First when we want to see the movie we have to go to the movies but now to watch a movie we do not need to go to the movies because we can enjoy a movie everywhere, all the time by visiting a site on the internet that you can watch series online for free which can be enjoyed with family or friends. This site is enjoyed by way of streaming and able to produce HD quality.