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Increasing Awareness and Understanding About Hair Extensions, Its Methods and Types

Hair extensions are created to provide additional length, hair fullness and thickness for a more beautiful and gorgeous looking hair. In this modern times, hair extensions are the most luxurious service available in salons. It is really overwhelming for starters to choose the best hair extension, because choosing a method may depend on an individual’s type of hair, lifestyle and budget. The methods for applying hair extension include four various attachments namely strand by strand, clip extensions, weft and micro-link skin weft.

Strand by strand technique uses a special glue to attach small pieces of your hair using cold or warm application techniques. Weft hair extensions involve application of two to four inches hair weft rather than individual strands, and this method can be done using tape-in, sew-in or braided and glue-in methods. Tape in hair extension is one of the newest methods of hair extensions available, that uses a single-sided or double-sided polyurethane tape for its form of attachment. Glue in method is a short-term method wherein a glue is used for attaching the base of the weft to the hair, which stays in the hair for a few days and can be removed easily by an oil-based solvent. The unique method of pulling hair through a silicone lined micro-link skin weft and are clamped using a closing tool is referred to as micro-link skin weft.

Remy human hair possess the highest grade of real human hair, which is highly recommended for hairpiece, hair extensions and wigs because of its natural look along with its ease of use, hair care and comfort. It is considered as the finest quality human hair extension since the cuticle are kept intact and not stripped compared to other hair extensions. Preservation of the hairs’ cuticle ensures that the hair remain super shiny, silky, soft and tangle-free all throughout. Human hair extensions can be styled with hot tools, dyed, washed frequently and treated just like your natural hair. With proper care, human hair extensions can last up to a year or longer.
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The types of hair extensions are sourced all over the world and these include European hair, Chinese hair and Indian hair. European or Russian hair is the most expensive because the demand for this hair type is high but the supply is low, and it is naturally brown, light brown or blonde. For hair extension care and management, it is recommended to use conditioner instead of harsh common shampoos containing sulfate and silicone. Avoid using oils or silicone-based products near the attachment for cold-fusion, micro-link skin weft and tape-in.Looking On The Bright Side of Hair