Top Apps Which Make the Best Use of Your Location

When the iPhone was introduced in 2017, nobody could have expected the explosion of apps which would follow. Millions of users are now downloading apps every day for a range of tasks. Of course, these apps were generally quite tame until location awareness was provided to app developers. Then apps really took off.


Today, almost all apps make use of your device’s location. However, some do it better and with a greater purpose than others. Here is our top pick.


Pokemon Go!

Whether you like it or not, the infrastructure underlying Pokemon Go! is incredible and awe-inspiring. Of course, mixed with augmented reality and suddenly your device becomes a medium between the real world and your digital one.


The most impressive aspect of this app is the framework which allows multiple users to converge on a single digital object within a shared space.



Whether you’re looking for love, looking for a date, or just looking to expand your circle of friends, there are numerous social media apps which can help. Our pick is eHarmony. If you aren’t sure what we’re talking about check out the Groupon Coupons page for eHarmony to learn more.


eHarmony makes the list because of the way it uses location data to suggest matches in real-time. This is an excellent way to minimize missed connections and is a nice use of the technology.



If you haven’t heard about waze, then your travels are taking longer than they need to. Think of Waze as Google Maps but on steroids. Waze appears as a standard GPS app. However, it aggregates location data from users around you to determine the best route to take and to navigate you around delays.


Waze has a great feature where you can share incidents with other users in real-time, including accidents or speed traps. You can even include photos!


There are too many apps to review in the store, and with new ones being developed each day there can never be a total list. However, right now, this is our top pick for apps that use your location in a great and beneficial way.